Lisa Fawcett

What I love most about Epicure Selections are the spice blends!
Making dinner use to be one of my bigest stresses of the day.
Since September 2008 Epicure had helped me become a better cook!

The reason why I joined Epicure Selections, is because I have a zillion and one allergies to food.
The minute I found Epicure, I was in love! Cooking for 365 days of the year with food allergies got boring.
Not anymore, I don't think we have had the same meal twice in a year, as I'm always trying somthing new!

Epicure has done so much for not only me, but my Family!
I was able to let go of my full time "Job", and be a stay at home mom!
My hubby loves the food and the money I make!!! ;)
And I get to volenteer at our daughters school weekly. I also get to see her face everyday getting off the school bus!